Things You and Your kids Will Love About Dominica
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This little island in the Caribbean is so, so enchanting. It may just be the destination for your dream family vacation. Have both you and your lil’ ones been dreaming of splashing in the coolest, clear crystal water, giggling under a cascading waterfall and breathing in some clean, fresh air? Got you! I am happy to tell you about 5 things you and your kids will love about Dominica: The Nature Isle of the Caribbean. My home!

The flag of Dominica

The flag of The Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica is pure joy and its beauty comes in many forms. Among many, allow me to tell you five things about the island that just may leave you feeling like: aha! I think I love this place.

Things You and your kids will love about Dominica 1. The People

Of the many things you and your kids will love about Dominica, I must say that the people of Dominica tops this list. The Dominican people are a warm, friendly, resilient, patriotic and fun-loving bunch. Don’t be surprised if while on island you are greeted to cheery ‘good mornings’ as you stroll along our winding roads. There may be lots of waves and smiles especially when the kids are with you.

But who are we?

We’re Kalinago; we’re of African descent along with other ethnicities but most of all we are one people all of whom call Dominica, home. The people of Dominica are patriotic and are very welcoming. We make it our personal responsibility to ensure that you leave with a fun box of memories of the island. So chime in when the greetings come in from all angles: ‘hello, ca Ka fete, bonjour, where are you from?’ We are simply happy to have you here on the Nature Isle. Have fun!

A boy wearing Dominica flag face art

A Fun and Patriotic Dominica Boy

Things You and your kids will love about Dominica: 2.The Food

Dominica is like the food basket of the Caribbean. As a result of our rich fertile soil, we produce some sweet and delicious fruits, vegetables and other crops that are a delight to see on display at our various Saturday market locations.

Get set to try fun, fresh fruits in Dominica

Fun, fresh Star Fruit in Dominica

Delicious Star Fruit at Summer Camp – Dominica

Your kids can easily be introduced to new tropical fruits which just might tickle their taste buds. Even more exciting is what I like to call the ‘Drive thru’.  Yes, the Drive thru. As you tour the island you will find many quaint roadside grills and stalls catering to a variety of tastes. Just roll down your car window, make your selection and place your order. Simple – and did I say delicious? Among the treats are roasted ripe plantains, roasted sweet corn, tamarind balls, kebabs, baked goodies, fresh fruits, local confectionery and so much more. Add to that some lively conversation from your vendor who just may be the farmer’s wife. Your children will be smiling all the way as they enjoy the Dominica ‘Drive thru’ experience.

Another option that you just may like for the kids is dining at your hotel’s restaurant or various restaurants on island. Our island chefs know just how to whip up your kids favorite dishes. But guess what? They make special effort in using the local products fostering a farm to table approach. That way, you can ensure that your children have what is familiar to them, but with a guaranteed local touch. We are certain that our cuisine is one of the things you and your kids will love about Dominica.  Delicious!

Things You and your kids will love about Dominica 3. The Attractions

A river in Dominica

A river in Dominica

Waterfalls: In Dominica, you could literally be chasing waterfalls with the kids and actually catching ‘em. Although some of our island’s waterfalls are more challenging to reach and make for an, oh so amazing hike, there’s more than enough that are easy or moderately easy to access – Your choice.  Your kids will love dashing into the pools below, taking a dip and swimming in the cool, fresh water. Now this my friend, is something that you and the kids will love about the Nature Isle.

Rivers: Really, there is one for every day of the year: 365 of them. If you are not up to swimming and splashing in the water – although it’s difficult to not want to – your next choice is to take a boat ride up one of our rivers called the Indian River. Along with the amazing flora and fauna your guide will introduce you to, you will find you are on the filming site of the movie: The Pirates of the Caribbean. Hey, your kids will love you forever more. Take lots of pics!

Hiking Trail: The Waitukubuli National Trail is one trail which spans the entire island; cool right? The trail however is divided into sections detailed as mild, moderate, difficult in regard to accessibility therefore it would be prudent to select the appropriate trails in advance. There are some parts of the trail that will be just what your kids will love for the beautiful climb, the discovery of gems like pools, waterfalls, wildlife and oh, the views! Expect to find ruins of old forts, discover remains of small civilizations, bask in the flora and fauna. Grab your cameras! Your kids will feel like they are on a mission for Nat Geo Kids in beautiful Dominica. Yippee!

Things You and your kids will love about Dominica: 4. The Flora & Fauna

Flora: Speaking of flora and fauna, Dominica is well endowed in this area. Well it is green almost everywhere therefore various shades of green will become your new backdrop. Our rich fertile soil seeds the growth of the most amazing plants and trees.  Growing up here as a child, I especially loved discovering the sensitive plants. It was so much fun with my friends; finding them, touching them and boom, they just fold themselves in and droop – lol. No worries, they would be right back to normal on our way back from our game with another of its kind.  Our nations flower the Bois Caraibe is a beauty too. Its flowers stand out splendidly amidst the green of our Nature Island. You should come see this!

The island is home to many herbs and spices

Our herbs and spices are right there with you. Easily, your kids can create their instant perfumes with a little of our cool fresh water and a squeeze of a few of our island leaves or tree barks.  You can also enroll the kids in fun cooking classes around the island including our hotels where they can see the wonders of the plants, herbs and spices in action.

Fauna: ‘Slow… Iguana Crossing’. This is one of our traffic signs here in Dominica. Indeed, we protect our wild life. Our wildlife is one of the factors that make Dominica unique even within the Caribbean region. Some of our creatures are endemic to Dominica and we take special pride and care. So, are your kids ready for opossum and agouti sightings? What about bird watching? They’ll discover different species from just stepping outdoors or even better, when they take a short hike with one of our expert bird watchers. Our snakes do not dress up like Craig (ask Sanjay) but they are still cool. None of our species are poisonous and they can be spotted on hikes; if snakes are your thing.

Shows child pointing to images wildlife in Dominica

Some of Dominica’s Amazing Wildlife at Cabrits National Park

What about Whale Watching in Dominica?

And then there’s whale watching. My oh my…. many visit Dominica just to go whale watching as our island is considered the whale watching capital of the world – imagine that. The great sperm whale knows how to put on a show for its visitors. Your captain and guides on this journey are not ordinary. They are the island’s whale whisperers and are charged in ensuring creature sightings and being your interpreters on this important voyage. Can you already imagine how excited your kids will be? Amazing!

A plant grown in Dominica

A plant grown in Dominica


Image of a bird

A bird hunting at a nearby stream in Dominica

Things You and your kids will love about Dominica: 5. The Culture

October into November is the time when we celebrate our heritage. Although Dominica is a mixture of colors throughout the year, the celebration of our heritage gives a new meaning to the word colorful. Visit Dominica at this time of year to see men, women and children adorned in their bright cultural wear, dancing with pride to the sound of drums, accordions, timbrals and more. Schools take to the streets of our towns as the children display traditional wear while dancing, singing and cheering. It is a sight to behold. Once you are here, you will certainly understand why the French and English battled to gain possession of this island gem, both leaving aspects of their culture here with us. This infusion along with our African and Kalinago heritage set the foundation to what you will see, hear, feel, smell and taste while on island – and it is amazing.

Dominica Teens Performing Cultural Dance

A Cultural Dance Performance at Dublanc, Dominica

Celebrating Dominica’s Culture at our Botanical Garden

Another thing you and your kids will love about Dominica is this event: Creole in the Park – Renamed Ti Vilaj Kweyol (Little Creole Village) in 2022. Ti Vilaj Kweyol is an annual event which showcases life in Dominica with a focus on our heritage.  At this event, you get everything close up: the creole dances are on display, music, locally made products, the arts and crafts booths featuring lots of items from our indigenous people: The Kalinago. And then there are the mouthwatering local dishes: Crab backs, callaloo, bakes and salt fish and an array of treats for the kids. Games and other fun activities are included especially for children, making this event a must attend for locals and visitors alike. These activities provide a historical background of our island and its people that your kids will enjoy learning about.  Have fun!

These are just 5 things you and your kids will  love about Dominica. Perhaps we can talk about some of the other reasons you, and your kids, will love Dominica in another blog post. Let us know if you’d like us to do so or if you would like more details on those mentioned above. It is an adventure here. We are hoping to see you soon. Welcome!

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