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“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

The words creativity and fun are constant in the Funzaggy lingo. Our activity selection for children is intentional as we consider the targeted age groups and their developmental needs in relation to recreation. We select our activities to allow children to actually create their own pieces or partake in the creation process and have fun while doing so. Here, we take a look at our top four fun and creative art activities for kids spaces and events which are all staples here at Funzaggy.

Spin Art: The fast paced fun and creative art activity for kids


Age Range: Ages 3 and above

Spin art makes use of a machine. Ours is a cool yellow and it is a square shaped structure which can be placed on a base. In this case, the cover serves as the base giving it the ideal height for the targeted age group to work at. The machine functions on electricity which causes the inside platform to spin. A blank card is placed on this platform and the child, after selecting her favorite colors, pours small drops of paint onto the spinning card. As presented in the image below, the child pours the paint through a covering which serves to protect children from touching the platform as it spins.

The application of paint to the spinning card causes a splashing, splattering effect which creates the most beautiful and unique design. The design requires a less than five minutes dry time after which it is placed in a paper frame and returned to the child to take home. Awesome!

Best Used: This art activity is best where there is a dedicated attendant. In this case, attendants can safely label and store the design while allowing dry time. The attendant can also apply the frame to the design while the child partakes in other fun and creative art activities provided at the event. The designs can then be returned to the child or family, moments later or at departure. Of course, an attendant adds to the safety aspect of the activity. 

Star Quality

  • It is a quick, simple yet rewarding process
  • Kids love to work with different colors of paint
  • Parents and children find the spin machine fascinating
  • Kids enjoy having others look on as they create
  • Great for fast paced events
  • Allows for easy flow of lines

Scratch Art: ‘Unearthing colors’ is a fun and creative art activity


Age Range: 3 years and over

We have encountered different versions of Scratch Art however here, we describe the type that we most often use. We selected and sourced this type for being simple yet more engaging to the child. The attendant presents the child with a black card (the canvas), a cut-out image (the stencil) and an art stick. First, the cut out image is placed over the card. Next, the attendant instructs the child to begin to shade the areas using the cutout image as the guide and the stick as the shading instrument. The shading reveals vivid colors from the black canvas which almost always sparks delight on the child’s face. Simple! On completing the pre-cut design the child can add their name and other creative touches to their design. Amazing!

Star Quality

  • Especially when new to the activity, kids marvel at the discovery of colors that emerge from a black background
  • The child never knows what to expect as each color pattern is different resulting in a constant element of surprise

Shimmer Art: ‘The all that glitters is great’ – kids fun and creative art activity


Age Range: 5 years old and over

Shimmer Art (Foil Art) is very similar to Sand Art. In fact, we sometimes use shimmer art designs for doing sand art and vice-versa. And just like sand art, there are different versions too. Shimmer art however makes use of shimmering, colorful foil like material instead of colored sand. Green foil, pink foil, golden foil, silver foil, blue foil, red foil! We are getting carried away over here and we bet you are excited too 🙂 

Well, we know that kids enjoy using shimmering material in their artwork, so imagine their joy when they discover shimmer art. The pre-cut design is peeled section by section, to expose adhesive under each section. Your choice of colored foil is placed over the section and gently pressed with the finger onto the peeled area The adhesive absorbs the shimmer and the area is considered foiled! The end result is a shimmering foil designed piece.

Best Used: We find this activity more appropriate for slower paced events as it requires a bit more more precision as compared to the other activities detailed here. Events like smaller art parties, classroom art sessions and birthday parties are a better pick.

Star Quality

  • Children delight in the novelty of this activity
  • Produces a unique, uncommon piece of artwork

Sand Art: The kids fun and creative art activity that says: Oh the Joy!


Age Range: Ages 3 and above

As you will see here, there are different types of sand art. In this case we are looking at the sand card version. The attendant provides the child a pre-designed card of his choice and a small craft stick, The stick is used to gradually peel back the layers of the design. Once peeled, the child discovers adhesive below the design. The child then adds bits of different colored sand to the area to create an amazing piece of art. It’s that easy!

Look out for sand mixing though. Oouch…!! No worries. This can be fixed 🙂

Star Quality

  • Sand art makes use of beautiful, vibrant colors of sand
  • It comes with pre-cut designs
  • Process is quick, simple and fun
  • Children absolutely enjoy the creating process

Look who has booked our fun and creative kids activities for their events

Here on the island we have worked with some of the most savvy event planning and event hosting executives. They learned of our fun and creative art activities for kids spaces and events and made their selections according to the look and feel projected for their corporate events. The same goes for the various schools, churches, backyard and  community events, seasonal event organizers and festival organizers with whom we’ve worked. The results have been amazing!

These four tabletop activities have indeed proven to be fun while sparking and fostering creativity. Additionally, they keep children interacting at a whole different level for a few hours with their eyes off the screen while having a great time. We’ve found that little kids, big kids, boys, girls, the artsy kid, the not so artsy, parents, guardians – everyone – have a great time creating at events. We hope this guide will make light work of your selection process for your upcoming fun and creative art activities for kids spaces and events.

Contact us for your kids art activities

What’s your favorite? Which do you think are our top two? Most importantly now: which do you think the kids enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below and join our email list to be the first to learn of new Funzaggy activities. And if you are/were on island and your kids have been in on the fun, share a pic with us at or contact us here at for bookings. You are Fun-tastic! We are happy to assist you!

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